Everything you need to know about building in Mexico

“Get it right the first time”

Are You Thinking of Building Your Dream Home in Mexico… but you’re worried that what you don’t know might cost you?

(Or have you already started construction and discovered some of the unique south of the border building practices.

The Good News & the Bad News about Building in Mexico.

The good news is that you absolutely can get your Mexican dream home built for low investment…your dream is achievable. Mexico is a beautiful country, full of hard-working, skilled, ethical contractors who can build your dream home for a fraction of what it would cost to build in the US or Canada…


I’ve Seen it All, Now You’ll See it Coming Before it Bites You in the___

In my 14-plus years of building in Mexico, I’ve seen it all… all the idiosyncrasies, oddities and, yes, downright scams that just go with the territory when you are building in Mexico.

And I’ve poured everything I’ve learned about building a dream home in Mexico into my 270-page guide, “Building in Mexico” so that when you run across one of these “peculiarities”, you’ll be prepared. You’ll know how to handle it so that it doesn’t turn into a costly nightmare.

Here are Just Some of the Building in Mexico Secrets You’ll Learn…
and Nightmares You’ll Avoid…

  • Secrets for Selecting the Best Property to Build on in Mexico (Chapter 1)
  • Avoiding earthquake zones and poor soil… how to make sure you’re building your dream home on solid ground (page 10)
  • How to avoid the all-too-common Mexican water shortages… address this BEFORE you start building or pay big time! (page 29)
  • One key test that is absolutely essential BEFORE you start building. (page 36)
  • Ten steps to take before you select a property to ensure you won’t be hit with BIG FINES even years later! (page 39)
  • 10 Questions that must be answered… before you release payment! (page 39)
  • Navigating the “Ejido Land” minefield… why simply seeing a title is not enough… this section alone could save you thousands! (page 15)

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Chapter One alone could easily save you thousands of dollars and weeks
(if not years!) of wasted time.

But there are 8 chapters, a Spanish-English glossary, an illustrated tools guide, a Mexican building market catalog, standard-to-metric conversion table and over 40 pages of sample photos of sinks, bathtubs, counter tops, tiles, floors, wall finishes, pools, cupolas, palapas and furniture!

Here’s just some of the other secrets you’ll discover…any one of which could save you 10 to 100 times the cost of this e-guide!

How to work with your structural engineer to cut as much as 27% from your total costs! (page 49)
What materials to avoid when building in Mexico… and a personal horror story that will make sure you don’t use them! (page 55)

The 3 types of Mexican construction contracts… which one Mexican contractors like the most …and which one is best for your dream home project. (page 83)

  • How to stay on the good side of the local “Sindicato” so that work on your dream home doesn’t come to a grinding halt! (page 107)
  • Why you must insist on specialist contractors for tiling, painting and at least two other tasks! (page 116)
    How to assemble your “construction journal” to avoid massive future fines and keep the resale value of your dream home as high as possible! (page 117)
  • How to avoid problems with Seguro Social (IMSS)… who can shut down your project and even seize your dream home up to FIVE years after it’s built! (page 111)

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BONUS 1: Plus 14 pages outlining every single license you will need and every single form you will need to get them! I show you how to make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted to avoid any delays in the construction of your dream home.

BONUS 2: I even include over 5 pages of photos showing you exactly what photos you MUST take DURING the construction process to avoid headaches in the future!


Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarante

My 100% Money Back Guarantee: If after reading the first chapter of Building in Mexico, you don’t believe the tips in that chapter alone are worth the price of this guide, I’ll gladly refund the full price! No questions asked.

Rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth.


You can visit the “Testimonials” page to see how my e-guide has helped save others hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Most of us have worked very hard through life to save up for our dream home and most of us only get one shot to get it right. The little things you don’t know or oversee can cost you thousands in setbacks.

Take advantage of my experience and glide through your project, getting it right and within budget the first time.

I look forward to reading and sharing your success story on my testimonial page in the near future.

To your success and your new dream home!


Josef Klose.
Building in Mexico

PS: I have yet to receive a single call on my 100% money back warranty. Some of my readers have reported savings up to 38% of their projected construction cost.

PPS: Don’t jeopardize your family’s safety or your hard earned money. Get your project built right and within budget the first time.

Building in Mexico

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